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Arijit ·

Got my first mechanical timepiece!

So finally got my first mechanical watch, which also happens to be my first microbrand purchase! It is the Summit Series, Ref. S2301 from Delhi Watch...
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Another Ryusuke Moriai design in the house

Received this as a birthday gift from my sister! So this is the F-94WA-9 variant, the other one being F-94WA-8. I like this one because the dial is mo...
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Do you roll your watch sleeve?

I'm talking about rolling only the hand you're wearing a watch. I usually do with a sweater, sweatshirt or hoodie but not with shirts.
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Arijit commented on Got my first mechanical timepiece! ·

Thank you!

Arijit commented on Got my first mechanical timepiece! ·

Thanks Matthew :)

Arijit commented on Has Shakira ruined Casio for all ?? ·

I don't know what you're talking about. There's no replacement for starting one's watch journey with anything other than a Kashio!

Arijit commented on Cheap tools or Bad band? ·

That looks horrible!

I had once bent my pin removal tool just like yours and the reason was simple. I did not align it properly, it was pushing at an angle resulting in the bend. Although yours seem like diff problem altogether.

Arijit commented on Do you own a Beater watch? ·

This is why I have more than one F91W (Yeah yeah, there are other reasons as well. No watch lover has just one f91w.)

If I'm working on something where I know there is a "watch risk" and also a need for checking the time, one F91W will be on its way to the wrist!

Arijit commented on Im in the cool club at last ·

Damn! Never thought mesh bands would look this cool on a vintage Casios. I have to try one now.

Do you, by any chance, have photos of F91W or A158 on mesh bands?

Arijit commented on Anyone else love cool Casios? ·

Yes sir! There are 10 Kashios in my collection and I absolutely love them!

I got the Royale in the amber-coloured display, gives a nice vintage look.


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Arijit ·

New Clock Alert

Back after a long break with my latest acquisition, the Casio TQ-140-1BDF :) Bought this as an alarm app replacement. After all, my phone also needs a...
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Arijit ·

New Daytona xD

Obviously, this is not a real watch. It's an AI-generated image for "a panda wearing a rolex daytona" using OpenAI's DALL·E 2. I received the invitati...
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Arijit ·

Quick question

Why does WRUW day start on GMT-8? No offence to any time zone, but I've always wondered why not the most populated time zones. I've searched on WC but...
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Arijit ·

New shoes for old timers!

These are the most memorable watches in my collection. Story time! The Sonata was my first watch. I got it during middle school, around 2009. These su...
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Arijit ·

How many non-watch people have you converted into watch enthusiasts?

How influential are you? 😀 Share the count of friends, family and colleagues, who have become watch enthusiasts with your influence. I have successfully ruined the financial futures of four of my frie...
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Arijit ·

Tried my hands on modding for the first time!

A very tiny one — just a dab of permanent marker ink on the second hand. 🔺️ (I don't have a macro lens, taken with a 50 mil reverse. If you know, you...
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Arijit ·

New shoes for my watches!

Recently got these beautifully handcrafted leather straps. Thought of sharing with my watch fam 😀 Here are some wrist shots as well Casio MTP-VT01D-2B...
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