When flexing a Richard Mille doesnt make you feel sufficiently 'Alpha' ...now you can get a Rolex instead:D

The Rolex 44mm Deepsea Sea-Dweller watch, watertight up to

Titanium case, 11000m depth rating, 44mmx 23mm - price...significant....Soon to be seen, photographed with the steering wheel of a Lamborghini on Insta.....:D

That said, maybe we'll see some Ti -cased Subs and others soon, and a return to bevelled edges and fine finishing, so maybe not all bad.

(no offence to Rolex , RM or Lambo enthusiasts - this is just my attempt to predict the next wave of Alpha-flexing on Social channels 馃榾 )

<Edit - maybe I should have titled this "Maybe you CAN'T get a Rolex instead" - probably more reflective of reality.....>

26k for that bad boy, but doesn't really change your point. Imagine paying that much for a watch that huge. 聽

It's a real beast. 聽Actually 50mm case diameter and around 60 lug to lug.

I feel like Andre the Giant would have a hard time rocking one of these. 聽I can't imagine a well known watch youtuber on whom this would not look utterly ridiculous

No description available.

Finally, a watch for those who understand that only p**sies wear watches under 48mm.聽

Indeed - the point is not the actual value/merit of the watches - the irony is that 聽despite the gulf between RM and Rolex, I still predict we'll see a lot of Alpha-flex with these - newness and rarity being the arbiters of value, not horology....

your point abotu NYC and Rolex is well-made - it's nice to see so many New Yorkers being able to afford a tool watch :D

This watch is solely being made as a measuring contest between them and Omega, a contest no one else cares about. Similar to how car manufacturers technically have to release a street car version of their Lemans cars, but few ever make it past the hands of a select few collectors. I would wager it will be one of the least-produced watches they make.聽

I'm not much of a "flexer," but I'd much rather own a Rolex than a Richard Mille.聽