Big-ish shifts (downwards) in pre-owned Rolex prices in the UK this week

Now then, it's not a crash - let's get that out of the way now!

I've been following prices on Explorer 36mm, Submariners and Sea Dwellers, mainly because I want to replace a stolen 16610 sub, either with another 16610 or a 16600 SD, and I really fancy one of the 32xx Explorers to add to the box....

I've seen some very competitive shifts in offered prices from dealers. i.e. 2022 124270 Explorer, unworn at £6900 (was £7500-£8000 last week) and a 2003 16600 Sea Dweller, good condition, unpolished full set with original papers for £9300 (up until last week, similar selling north of £10K).

Late model Subs/GMTs remaining flat on price, but others are definitely being offered for sale at much less than a few weeks ago. The Explorer is particularly interesting, as this is less than 20% premium on RRP. Late model Submariners are still selling at big premiums to RRP, but 16610s and 14060/14060M have dropped quite a bit in offered prices over 2 weeks. good for me, as I prefer the pre-ceramics.

Happy times ahead (maybe) for those who have been priced out of Rolex for a few years, especially for 5-digit older divers and (it appears) 124270 and 114270 (maybe 14270 as well, but they seem to be going up, unless you buy a pup!)

As always, do your own research, and I'm inferring nothing about the wider state of 'the watch market' <retch> - this is just a "heads-up" in case anyone is lookingfor these specific models, and was looking for a better deal.  


I wonder if it has anything to do with the swinging of the pound.  I wonder how many of these dealers basically price and operate in USD and just try to pass through.


I’ve noticed the same. I hope you get another 16610 sub. Sorry to hear about the theft!