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Hey Gents A noob question Do modern automatic watches without silicon balance spring get magnetized while working on a laptop.. Have found varying res...

Chronometer & Accuracy

I have noticed that the accuracy of my zulu time is all over the place.. During wear it keeps the chronometer specs of about +3/4 secs but while overn...

RZE watches

So I did a thing and placed my first watch on pre order.. Never before have I bought a watch without seeing it in the flesh.. Hope I am not proved wro...

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commented on Rolex Oyster Perpetual or Datejust? ยท

B for me anyday

commented on Calling all Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic ownersโ€ฆ ยท

I had the 38mm and sold it ...Yes not having AR was a reason too ... especially if u get used to watches with AR

commented on Got the call! ยท


commented on Vostok Dealer Recommendations ยท

commented on Magnetization ยท

Thanks for the input.. I did try how far the magnetic power of the laptop can travel using a compass.. Like you said, in the normal typing position the compass wasn't getting affected at the watch head height... So I guess it should be good

commented on Magnetization ยท

Whoa.. That's pretty in depth.. Thank you for the insights

commented on Magnetization ยท

Good to know.. Thank you

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Oris Calibre 400...PSA

Hi All Purchased the Aquis 400..Right off the bat the watch started gaining 1.5 hours per day.. Took it up with the AD and got a replacement.. The new...

Owner's inputs please

Hi All I am looking to buy this Longines Zulu... Would like to know from any owners about the experience with this watch.. This will be the first GMT...

Oris Aquis 400- UPDATE

Hi All I bought the Aquis 400 brand new from an authorised dealer yesterday. However, to my surprise the watch is gaining 5 minutes per hour, please s...

Cyclops removal

Hi gents I have a 4 gen monster.. The Cyclops is bugging me though.. Has anyone had experience removing this from a Hardlex crystal.. Seen some videos...

Inputs requested

Hiย  Do of any of you wear automatic watches while riding motorcycles nd if so is it ok to do so? By motorcycles I do not mean the dirt bike stuff but...