I went to try the Moonwatch and I was surprised by the Speedmaster 38, what a beauty!

Maybe you saw the post I shared yesterday about what watch to buy for my 40s.

Many fellow users recommended the Speedy, so I went today to the AD to try one and it fits surprisingly fine in my 17cm (6.7inch) wrist, I never consider it just because it was 42mm, but the bezel is just below 40mm and it wears more like a 40mm:


But to be honest... it leaves me a bit cold, I like it but I don't love it. Maybe it's one of those watches with a slow release charm that I might like it today but crazy love in few months/years 🤷‍♂️. 

I understand it's an icon, but I would much prefer a new interpretation of the icon with a better finished dial with maybe applied indices, better lume, sapphire... etc.

I shared my thoughts with the salesman and then he showed me this beauty:


Omega Speedmaster 38 Co-Axial in black. #speedmaster38

It's exactly what I want, a refreshed version of the Speedy, automatic and with better water resistant.

I tried to do some online research but to my surprise there is a complete lack of coverage from all major watch sites/channels, there is only one "proper" review from Max: here

Have you guys seen this one? Any thoughts? Is it too small? It feels just a mm to small for me, not sure if the case is 38mm or if the bezel is 38mm... anyone knows?

Thanks! :-D 


I was in the same boat as you a little more than a year ago.  I wanted a speedy but wanted an automatic.   The speedy 57s were too big.  

So I narrowed it down to the speedy pro or the speedy 38.  I picked the 38 (auto and date).  I have to say I'm not disappointed.   I thought it might look too small but I'm delighted by the look and comfortable wearing experience.  It's one of my favorite watches. 

My only moan is that it's a 19mm lug width.  There aren't as many strap options out there as a 20mm.  I just ordered a sailcloth strap for it though so I'm anxious to get it in and put it on.


If you want another mm take a look at the discontinued Speedmaster reduced. It was defined as 39 mm. I don’t know if there is variants with applied indicis but the painted indicis had depth.


I don't think 1 mm will be a big deal in general. And it looks great on your wrist.

Happy hunting and happy 40s. 


i own a speedy 38 in baby blue.  my wrist is 6.5", so it's a perfect fit.  i love it.


The 38 is better.  The moonwatch is for professional use.  You know walking on the moon and other astronaut shit.  The co-axial is for being cool everyday and it looks better on your wrist.


Great looking watch. I have a first omega in space, which is a 39mm speedmaster. I really like it. 


Speedmaster 38 FTW!!!  It looks absolutely awesome, man!