Wonderfully budget Merkur (almost sterile) 304 Pilot Watch

A classic 38mm w/crown (about 36mm w/o) and 20mm lugs, so strap friendly. 

Steel case and with Merkur's "KM High Arch Glass" which is akin to hardlex. (The quick-release strap it comes with is a quite nice heavy fabric, with nato-style buckle and keepers).

I've mentioned before that I'm not a huge fan of mineral glass, but this is as good as mineral gets, in my books. The arch gives a roundness that's eerily similar to acrylic, and it handles light beautifully.

I say almost sterile because there is a very subtle logo that's depressed or stamped into the dial.

Wonderfully budget: I got it for just over $100 at the western market Merkur site (not Ali).

My poor wallet...I just noticed they have a green dial version



I am a fan of Merkur, partially due to posts such as this and my subsequent experience. For the price you receive a pretty and reliable watch without the unfortunate word salad name that seems to be common in less expensive options.

A quibble that I would have with this model is I think that they sized the hand set incorrectly. It appears too small in your photos. I would not have predicted that from the stock photo. Cathedral hands can be hard to pull off in a modern watch.



My second photo gives a better idea, but in both my photos the very dark blue of the hands almost disappears, making the hands appear thinner than they are.

The green dial version shows the actual size of the hands better. 


Very nice addition. I have been eyeballing their rose dial model.