For some who may not have seen these...

The two posts below contain photos and details regarding two separate visits to Tianjin Sea-Gull's primary factory, the first in 2011, and the second in 2013.



The second visit included a trip to the private museum of the Tianjin Watch and Clock Collector's Association, hosted by the Association President, Mr. Jiang Wenbo.

The museum has a very large collection of vintage Chinese watches, and smaller but still very cool collections Chinese and European clocks. For the watches, though--its a playground.


Association President, Mr. Jiang (blue shirt. dark jacket) very kindly arranged a chance for me to meet two Tianjin watch-making pioneers, Mr. Na (darker jacket), a senior engineer at Tianjin Sea-Gull in the 1950s, and Mr. Su (lighter jacket/leather cap), a general engineer at the Tianjin Watch Factory in the 1960s.


Always enjoy A-T's posts. Rare insights into China's historical and modern watch industry. 


Cool-I just found this post.

Your photography and text are the next best thing to being there. Extremely informative and ,most of all , fun.