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Hamza1 ·

Only ONE!

If you had to wear one watch for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why? For me it would be the Tudor Black bay 58 with a strap
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New watch anxiety

Pretty quick post… that pain, and anxiety you feel when you bang your watch off of something for the first time (in this case a chair)
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ottop1 ·

Can a Finnish watch be any good? - A Review of Leijona Järwi

When you think of Finland, what comes to your mind? Lakes? Mosquitoes? Cold winters? Santa? My home country is known for many things, but watches aren...

Leijona Järwi

3.6 Avg. Score
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64spoons ·

Timex x Todd Snyder - It looks like a rotary phone!

Ordered this guy on Black Friday. I have a new found respect for Timex after getting the Weekender, so when I saw this I had to get it. Plus, it’s in...
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WatchYourIntruder ·

Do you protect yourself?

I realised that watches is worth some money. The sums add up over time and I felt forced take a grip of how I protect my darlings and how I am covered...
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Catskinner ·

How do you change the time when DST begin and end?

Well the sun decided to make an appearance after all and I'll get to wear the Zelos Horizons GMT after all. It's the last watch that is still on DST because being lazy I adjust the time when DST begin...
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IanCognito ·

NWA #48: Jack Mason StratoTimer

The much anticipated Traveller's GMT from Jack Mason uses the new Miyota 9075 and has all the design details enthusiasts love. From the 40mm cushion c...
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watch.this.feed ·

This is what Rolex was meant to be!

Found the paperwork of my three generations old Rolex Date -talking of small watches!- Apart from the Oyster Perpetual branding, the best part of it i...
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Hustle4Future ·

MBO 70s Chronolympic Vintage Chrono-Quartz [ESA 934.712]

*same movement as the LCD Certina Chronolympics As you may know, MBO stands for the Germany-based company "Münchener Büro Organisation". In the 1970s...
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hakki501 ·

Remembering you, Dad.

As usual, it was a little after 5:00PM. On this particular afternoon, I had ground three different single origin specialty coffee beans, for our usual...
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