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Watchme1 ·

When you are buying a watch does the movement matter?

Some people buy watches solely based on the look of the piece, and others care deeply about the movement it contains. Where do you stand? Be honest! 😂
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turbillonagre ·

Seiko Prospex Alpinist SPB121/ SPB209 VS Hamilton Khaki Field Murph 38

I know this is probably one of the hottest horological versus matches of the moment (is that even a thing?). Even Max has put these 2 head to head on his YouTube channel. But surprisingly, after a qui...
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Justingalore ·

A lovely day in London - Baltic, Oris, Grand Seiko

Today I had an appointment at the Baltic Showroom in central London with a friend. Afterwards we had a wander and dropped in to Oris and Grand Seiko....
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DanishIsh ·

Einstein’s Definition of Insanity

Einstein’s Definition of Insanity. TL;DR. You got the gold, so you make the rules. Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different r...
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jroobz ·

Tudor BB58 bezel insert misalignment - sharing experience

In September 2022, I bought a BB58 as my first luxury watch from a Tudor AD in Westfield, London UK. Everything about the watch is perfect, but the re...
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hughtoo ·

Here's why I hate mineral crystal.

I've given the same abuse to a couple of watches with sapphire crystal. They look fine. The duro (106 or 107) is great. But needs sapphire. And it is...
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IvanRomero ·

Watches and Fountain Pens, Show me your Photos!

My fountain pen collection is much bigger than my watch collection. The pen in this photo was my first bespoke fountain pen. A penmaker in Canada made...
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WATCHingJames ·

What luxury watches drop value quickly?

Hello all. I am putting together a video for my youtube channel and need your help. I want to find 10 luxury, or entry level luxury watches, that drop...
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Jamust ·

Which do you prefer, the classic 36mm steel Oyster Perpetual or the sporty 36mm steel Rolex Explorer?

Looking to get my first Rolex and I am torn between these two models. The specs seem almost identical (movement, power reserve, dimensions), but the price of the OP is about $1K less. It seems like it...
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jcwatch ·

A Grail Watch just bought!

After 7 months of searching I found one of my grails. Zelos Burnt Orange Spearfish. It will be the one and only watch for this year. My wife reluctant...
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