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ckim4watches ยท

What a Night! Watch Crunch Meetup at Brian's (AKA "HotWatchChick")

What a freaking blast we had at the watch meet-up, folks! It was like a horological party on steroids! Huge shout-out and props to @HotWatchChick69 an...
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DancingWatch ยท

You can only buy watch brands which begin with the first letter of your name - how do you feel about this?

My first name begins with the letter "C". The brands I can immediately think of are: Casio, Certina, Citizen and Christopher Ward - I'm happy with thi...
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Ticker ยท

Two is the magic number?

Like most watch enthusiasts I've been on my own journey, involving a number of stages along the way, evolving as my tastes and focus changed. As far a...
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JBird7986 ยท

What's your preferred crown position?

With the recent acquisition of my Zelos Mako Frost GMT, my current #1wc watch, for the first time, I now have a watch where the crown is in a location other than 3 o'clock. Initially, I was unsure abo...
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UnholiestJedi ยท

Which Dive Watch That You Own Is Your Favorite?

Found out there's a newer WC badge (Desk Diver) I do not have that I probably should have achieved by now. Let's change that and help others work towa...
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SomeGingerWatchNerd ยท

Budget vintage & vintage style dive watches

I've noticed recently that I'm lacking a certain type of watch in my collection, one that can really appeal to me. A dive watch. I have chronographs a...
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Lord_Dappingtonshire ยท

In-house is overrated

You know, lately, many brands have gone "in-house" with some dubious credibility, *cough* Panerai and tag *cough* and many brands are trying to justif...
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MetaGame ยท

My new Cartier friend

I've spent some time thinking about my next watch purchase, whether I need it or not. I've watched a ton of videos and looked at pictures. I tried it...
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chakatrain ยท

Accuracy of Minute Hand (it runs fast)

My Sinn U50 BS arrived a couple of weeks ago and Iโ€™ve hardly taken it off my wrist. What a great wearing watch and I love how tough and capable it is....
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501s_Watches ยท

Who Remembers These Fun Watch Releases?

My wife and kids visited our good friends over the weekend for some food, drink and great conversations. Our friends' kids are much older than ours, b...
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