Birth Year Watches - What are your Thoughts???

Interested to hear your thoughts on "Birth Year" watches in a collection. When I dig in, research and look for a watch almost 40 years old, I never find anything that is an absolute "YES!" The VC pictured here, is my birth year and it is absolutely beautiful. But for the price ($7k) I want it...or should I even buy it? Each and every time I go down this rabbit hole, I am always left feeling neutral and unsatisfied. IDK. Maybe I am looking at the wrong brands... What do you all think...? Birth year watches in the collection...are they a must? not needed? who cares about this?

Not for me.

A sun dial would look horrible on my wrist 馃槀

I think they are silly. Why would I want a crappy 80s watch?

Everybody knows the best things to come from 1982 are The Number of The Beast, Conan The Barbarian, and me.聽

I am more likely to care about a watch that was my birth year + 8 years (when I start caring about watches) or my birth year -5 to 10 years (my dad鈥檚 watches) than the watches that would have been way too big for me as I happened to be born.聽


If it has meaning then go for it. I've seen some guys go for the birth year of their child. That to me seems pretty cool because you can then pass it on to them when they reach maturity and you get to wear until that time creating a connection with your child that lives on.

Not really working for me since I have a daughter. But I've turned her into a watch appreciator. She gets my daily wrist shots and usually comments on them.聽

I've also given her some cool vintage watches for her to wear. Probably some of the coolest are these...

I was able to find a bracelet that was two-tone that I could shorten to fit her wrist...this is the watch on my oversized mitt...


Then I found this vintage women's Mido Ocean Star Commander with it's original bracelet from a dealer in Brazil which was really cool...perfect fit for her wrist...


And, of course, she needed a pretty watch...

Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Stars Manufacture Ladies Watch

Now I'm tempting her with the new Parmigiani Tonda PF 36mm...but she probably needs to be a little more responsible with her watches before she gets this one...

Parmigiani Releases New Tonda PF Watches in 36 MM 鈥 Robb Report

I'm firmly in the 'meh' camp.

The guy who bought my dad's Rolex (Dad wanted the cash, and I couldn't afford it) bought it for it being a birth year watch. 聽Surprised me at the time, and doesn't motivate me toward any particular watches.聽

That said, if you are in love with a vintage watch and it happens to match up then you may as well try to get the same birthday as your watch!

'67 1016


I own a watch that was made in the same year in which I was born. It was more of a coincidence purchase as I was looking for a specific watch and found it on eBay. But it was an added bonus that it turned out to be a "birth year watch" and it did sway me to up my bid (It turned out this was not needed as my low bid was enough).聽

Crap. Don't care. What great watches came out in 81 ......

My birth year 65 produced many watches I would love to have!聽

1 of many


If you want something that connects you to the time of your birth get a magazine from back then. Or a piece of music (CD, vinyl record, sheet music - depending on how far back you go).

These things are much more tightly connected to that time than a watch.

I bought a couple of birth year watches about 20 years ago when I'd never heard the term and didn't even know it was 'a thing'. In terms of affordability, many people go Seiko. There were tons produced, and they're one of the more reliable brands for tracking serial numbers against years.聽

They're also a lot cheaper, on average, than what you're looking at there. In your shoes, I'd find a fun, 40 year old Seiko, and have a birth year watch without breaking the bank or going over the top on a concept that, from your post alone, you don't seem entirely sure of being into, yourself.

For 7grand you really need to love the watch.聽

I was looking at birth year watches and managed to score this for the princely sum of 拢90 from a website that specialises in them鈥 1979 Kelton (French Timex) 鈥淒iver鈥 38mm


Do I wear it? Rarely鈥

Am I glad I have it? Totally鈥

Its an affordable bit of fun for an enthusiast like me and was an absolute winner in one sense as my two favourite colours are blue and orange.聽

Id say鈥 keep hunting 馃憖聽

the problem is, when it was made and when it was sold are different things... so I can't really put any meaning to it.

  1. I don't care about the day or year of my birth beyond having DOB as PII.
  2. Where is the VIN plate on a watch that tells you which model year it is?
  3. This seems like boring spendthrift people looking for excuses to squander more money on trinkets.聽
  4. At least it gets the nervous nellies to confront their neuroses and paranoias about vintage, so maybe some good will come of it.

My birth year 65 produced many watches I would love to have!聽

1 of many


That is a great watch to own in its own right.

Man, you are old.