Electronic Watch Winders

As my collection grows I'm finding it more inconvenient to have to wind and set dates as I change watches almost daily. Are watch winders the answer or should I just take my time and enjoy the process? What's your solution?


It is a big reason I avoid dates in watches. Winders will make things more convenient, but add wear and tear to your watches. You have to decide if that trade off is worth it for you.

IMO it's not all that much of a chore to set the date and wind a watch. I can spare the 90-120 seconds it might take.

You鈥檙e going to get a lot answers both ways. Folks are either pro winder or they hate them. I use one for the convenience of not setting and winding a watch. Also, from what I鈥檝e seen from watching way too many YouTube watch repair videos, most of the issues with watches seem to be in the keyless works. It seems to me that if you鈥檙e not hand winding or setting the watch all the time there should be less issues in that area of the watch.

Honestly, the bigger issue is who makes a decent winder? Everything from $99 eBay winders to Wolf Winders seem to have their issues.

What's my solution? More quartz watches in the collection!

I am smart enough to only have two automatic watches, one no-date and one day-date. The latter gets worn for a while each day because that's easier for me than re-setting (and it cannot be hand wound). My desire to fasten a watch around some gizmo is less than zero, and that seems like at least as much trouble as resetting the time.

My solution is a mixture of solar, kinetic and no date automatics

I like the Edox Sky Diver.

Depends on the power reserve, if you wind the 1 watch and the 4th watch on the 1st day . 2nd day the 2nd and 3rd .

You shouldn't have to wind them fully and it's a nice little routine

馃槅 I鈥檝e got about 100 watches and I don鈥檛 find it a big pain in the ass to set the time on any of them Whenever I choose to wear them. Another story half the time I don鈥檛 even bother setting it and I can鈥檛 believe that people here are that damn lazy that they can鈥檛 take literally probably about 10 to 20 seconds to set the time. Slightly longer, if you wanted to be synchronized to the second to the atomic clock which feeds your phone

I love the process of the mechanical watch therefore not bothered by setting time and date. However, and I am not a professional, if the watch is sitting it鈥檚 not wearing out less service time in my opinion.

Are you really that bothered if the date is not right?