I recently wrote this article, looking to share it with the community.


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Genuinely, congratulations!  That's awesome.  Amazing job on identifying and then taking advantage of an arbitrage opportunity.  Only thing I would say is this:  Get out while the getting out is good.

I originally bought $100 of Bitcoin because this Eastern European website required payment in BC to download Champions League Football matches - I'm sure they licensed all the rights from the appropriate authorities, and it was all perfectly legal!

That Bitcoin appreciated quite a bit!  Thought about selling it, but was a lot of fun to see the wild and volatile price movements.  I should have sold it back in early November!  Nonetheless, I used to work for Michael Saylor - worst human being I've ever come across - and every day the price declines, this is me...

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So, happy for Bitcoin (and my holdings) to fall to zero, so long as he goes bankrupt!


Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s my first time writing an article. 


That was a great piece of writing! Very interesting indeed and really informative about flipping watches for a not unreasonable reason ( rather than just naked greed which was my perception before!)

As a potential new customer I have had several pretty poor experiences with Rolex AD. I'm going to do a post on it soon. That was a great read thanks!


That was an AWESOME article. I too am a UN lover. I've wanted one since I was a teen, and I was blessed to be able to purchase one this year. I love it. It's a tank, very well made, and flys under the radar. 
Most don't know what it is which is great!