Do you like the Grand Seiko power reserve indicator?

I personally do not mind the power reserve indicator on my Grand Seiko Winter, but I know this is a polarizing topic. Thoughts?

I would still take it, but would prefer a clean dial. 馃憤

Although I am impartial to the indicator's presence on the face of the watch, I have to say when I see one I immediately know it's a spring drive. 聽聽

I like it. It gives it some visual interest and uniqueness to set it apart from every other featureless dial, and hints that something special is going on inside.

The clean dial, please. I can't afford the watch.

I don't necessarily mind it being there, but the way it's not symmetrical would drive me insane. Granted, it's a short trip, but still...

I can't see why the power indicator was ever put on the dial of any watch. 聽It provides useful information, but it's nothing that should interrupt telling the time or enjoying a beautiful dial. 聽I'm in the back of the watch or not at all camp.

The power indicator looks more out of place in photos than it does in person. I like it because it feels part of the spring drive movement. I use the power reserve, I tend to keep the watch powered up and check the accuracy regularly. I find that kind of fun. Here is mine.


I actually like the power reserve indicator but chosen the clean look by accident (you know when you try to enter the post but selected the poll instead!? I鈥檓 sure some of you who had encountered this knows what I鈥檓 talking about!)